Career In Software Testing

Why Software Testing?

Software development market is booming now and demand for software testers is incredibly high! You don't have to hold a college degree in IT to get a job and start developing your career.

No certifications required/No coding needed

You don’t need to have any IT background or a college degree in order to become a software testing engineer.

All the skills you need packed in one short course

A short that will teach you everything you need from skills to writing the perfect resume and interview preparation.

Start making money as soon you finish the course!

Start making money right after you finish the course. We’ll guide you on how you can earn money having no work experience.

So many exciting and lucrative opportunities

Whether you decide to choose a stable career or just make some good money, software testing is a great way to do that.

What will you learn?

Our course will highlight the basics on software development lifecycle and the role of quality assurance in it.
We'll teach you the basics in just couple of weeks!

As you may have heard software industry is experiencing a tremendous year-to-year growth and demand in engineers is way too far away from being met.

Almost every other company in the industry has open positions for software developers and quality assurance engineers. While software development requires a degree or several years of experience, quality assurances has lighter requirements.

Our course covers just enough so you can qualify for at least an entry-level job. And once you're in you can start climbing up the career ladder.
Sounds simple, right? Well, it really is!

  • Software Development Life Cycle

    From start to finish


    Waterfall, agile, etc.


    Phases, planning, best practices

  • Job Search and Interview Advises

    From experienced professionals


Here's what our students think about the course. Some success stories are truly inspiring!

This is not just a single course, we offer your a path you can take in order to have a successful career. Additional materials and personal consultations will be provided. 30 day money back guarantee!

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